Siltherm Europe Ltd

Siltherm are a market driven provider of thermal management solutions to industry.

The Siltherm Europe Office is in Paramount Court, Dublin, Ireland. This is an excellent location, convenient for meeting up with our European customers and carrying out our business operations.

The Europe office has been set up primarily to promote and supply Siltherm products to the European market.

At Siltherm, we are constantly refreshing our technology platforms to ensure we can deliver cutting edge thermal management solutions. Siltherm products are designed to help industry conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our aim is to become a trusted global partner providing a environmentally conscious and energy efficient solutions.


Our People.

The team at Siltherm Europe enjoy working with customers, getting to know their business, sharing application knowhow and identifying the thermal insulation solutions that will best help them to achieve success.

Glenn White

General Manager of Siltherm Europe

Glenn White is the General Manager of Siltherm Europe and has worked for over forty years in the high temperature insulation industry.

Since qualifying as an engineer in the glass container industry, Glenn has been directly involved in the design and installation of a wide range of insulation systems for various industries and applications, including refractories, fibres and microporous insulations. In more recent years the focus has been on product and process development of microporous insulation solutions.

With a work experience that is varied, having worked in all areas of the industry, he has the ability to look at things from a theoretical as well as practical viewpoint. Glenn understands the application drivers, what will push product development forwards and how to achieve winning thermal insulation solutions.